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CWJEF Music Publications

1. “ Tikari Folk Sketches I. “Edition#: ISBN: 0-9688974-1-X Spiral Bound.

Author. E.Tanka Fonta A collection of scores on traditional and contemporary music from West Central Africa. It's central themes and subject matter are woven around the roots of traditional and contemporary musical forms of the Tikars, Fufulbes, Betis, Ewondos and Fangs and the Duala tribes of Cameroon in Central West Africa. It is a unique compositional exposition on some of the general and underlying principles behind the polyphonic and polyrhythmic forms and structures inherent within the music from Cameroon, Zaire, Congo, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Guinea and Burkina Faso. Audio CD of 16 tracks. Ten scores tracks and 6 tracks of extracted instrumental parts. Unit Price (45.95)

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