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Pirouet Records


Gruenwalder Weg 30
Oberhaching, Germany
ph. +49-(0)89-55077674
em. info@pirouet.de


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Pirouet Records

Pirouet is the root for the word pirouette. “The pirouette appears to be easy and light but needs a lot of work, training and exercise to be well performed. The same is true with good music—it often seems to be effortless but needs a lot of work to sound that way.” The Pirouet label’s artistic director Jason Seizer explains the label’s name as well as its aspiration. (“All about jazz”, 2009)

The label which has been found in 2003 in Munich by Seizer – an internationally well-known saxophonist himself – and Ralph Bürklin who acts as its commercial director – contrasted with the masses from the get-go with its passion for detail

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